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Pronounced: Con'-a-ton                     
Some Connaughtons from Roscommon in Ireland relocated to Ohio in the USA.  Their descendents have been doing a bit of detective work and have traced their roots back several generations.  This is a bit of the history as we know it:

The earliest Connaughton we have recorded was Peter Connaughton, a weaver, born about 1755, who was married to a Miss Graham (pronounced “grimes”).  His family lived in County Roscommon, along the River Shannon, between the towns of Carrick and Boyle, not far from the town of Sligo. Peter had 2 sons who came to the United States: John B. Connaughton, born about 1780, who was married to Bridget Hoar (or Hoare), and a second son of unknown name.  (It is believed the John B. Connaughton family, all Roman Catholics, may have lived in Ardcarn Civil Parish.) These 2 sons and their children arrived to Hamilton, Ohio, USA,   during the years, 1829-1838.  Other families that were related to the Connaughtons by marriage emigrated as well.  Some of those families were:  Graham, Hoar, Reynolds, Byrne, Terrell, Monahan (or Monighan, Monaghan), Conlin, Cline, Hill, Padgen, Barton, Ford, and McGreevy.  Later, more Connaughton relatives moved away from Ireland to live in Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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